Cloud and On-site VoIP Solutions

VoIP is definitely worth considering. By 2025, landline will be gone entirely – making mobile telephony and Voice Over Internet Protocol (or VoIP) the expected replacements.

PolyTech IT can offer on-site or off-site VoIP solutions giving you the ability to be as hands on, or off as you’d like.  There’s a wide choice of phones to choose from, you can even use your mobile!

Most customers see a cost-saving on their monthly bill by switching to VoIP, so it’d be worth finding out if it’s the right thing for your business!

VoIP also comes with many features that you can pick and choose from such as:

  • IVR / Digital Receptionist (“Press 1 for….”)
  • Callbacks
  • Voice recording
  • Internal call forwarding
  • Ability to use VoIP mobile app and/or physical phones.
  • Queue system (“You are number 1 in the queue”)
  • Custom hold music
  • Custom greeting messages upon the call connection
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